Spatial variability

  • River floods tend to exhibit an intriguing behaviour in space as a consequence of the interplay of the spatial patterns of atmospheric, catchment and river system processes. The precipitation distribution, again, exerts the overall control. On the landscape there is an interplay of the spatial characteristics of land use, pedology and the topography resulting in patterns of runoff generation.
  • The superposition of the flood flows as a result of the spatio-temporal distribution of precipitation and hydrological initial conditions determine the effects of spatial scales and the spatial dependence between flood probabilities at different locations.

Key science question

  • What are the spatial characteristics of river floods?
  • How do the spatial patterns and the correlation structure of precipitation interact with the spatial structure of soil moisture on the land surface?
  • What are the spatial characteristics of different event types?
  • What is the role of the interplay of flood routing in different branches of the stream network?
  • What are suitable probabilistic and deterministic models to quantify the interactions in the space domain?